Tips for Traveling with Children

Family traveling on busy plane.
Family traveling on plane. (photo via Hispanolistic / E+)

Traveling with kids? ALG Vacations can take care of the transportation and accommodations and all the fun when you arrive at your destination, but getting there with the kids can sometimes seem daunting. In order to make family travel a piece of cake rather than a stressful experience, here are a few tips for making it seamless.

Set Expectations

The biggest goal is to avoid the dreaded "are we there yet," and one of the best ways for families to survive getting to their vacation destination is to set expectations for travel with kids in advance.

Start talking about the journey to your destination early, and let kids know about long flights, layovers, where and when they are going to eat and play and the rules on the airplane and at the hotel, and be sure to address any questions they have in advance.

Letting kids know what to expect on the journey provides both parents and kids with a sense of control over the experience. Even if they are on the younger side, it doesn't hurt to plant the seeds of how the journey will go early and often.

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Pack a Snack

Keeping hunger at bay is often the key to happiness. Make sure you have some snacks for the road. Packing healthy snacks and items that travel well is always a great idea such as fruits, veggies and granola bars.

It also doesn't hurt to have some fun treats on hand to head off a meltdown or encourage good behavior or let kids know that they can get a treat on the plane or in the airport as you are traveling as something they can look forward to.

Keep Kids Entertained

Have a game plan for keeping kids busy while on the road. Books, coloring, iPads filled with games and movies are all great ways to keep children occupied on long flights and during layovers.

Just like with edible treats, try to pack some fun surprises such as a new game, book or toy that kids aren't expecting that you can take out when things get boring.

Parents can also familiarize themselves with the airports they are traveling through. Many have indoor play areas for kids that are ideal for getting the wiggles out before long flights or during layovers.

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