The Perfect Age for a Disney Vacation

The Perfect Age for a Disney Vacation

3 Sweet Spots for a First Visit 

As a Travel Advisor specializing in Disney, this is one of the top 3 questions that arises. Concerned parents want to be sure their children are old enough to enjoy the magic of Disney, but not too old, where the magic may be lost on them. What age is that? The good news is, it's never too early or late! While taking an infant under 1 may not be ideal if he or she is your only child, children over 18 months can have a ball with Mickey & Friends! Read on to discover 3 sweet spots for taking Disney vacations. 

Sweet Spot #1: The Toddler Years 

Let's face it. Most children, by the age of 1, have watched TV. Whether they've seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or enjoy Baby Shark on auto-replay, they've been exposed. Little ones are quick to recognize pop culture characters, ads, and music, and probably know more about Disney World than you realize. So while a visit to Disney may not include thrill rides for them (but can for you, with Rider Swap), they will thoroughly enjoy their experience. The benefit of taking children under 3 to Disney is they're FREE! That's right, you don't pay a penny for them. They don't need a theme park ticket, and get in free of charge. They can eat off your plate at an order-off-the-menu restaurant, or have their own at a buffet. I highly recommend taking your children before the age of 3 for this reason. It's a great gauge to see if a future visit is in the cards. Sweet Spot # 2: The Wonder Years So you didn't make it while your child was under 3.That's ok - you're about to hit Sweet Spot #2 

Sweet Spot #2: The Wonder Years 

Pre-k and Kindergarten (even some 1st graders), fit into this next category. These are the Wonder Years. Everything is magical to them - they believe in princesses and unicorns, and are well-aware that Princesses live in the castle at Disney. They believe in magic, and will be wowed by meeting their real-life role models in person, dressing like them, and experiencing their attractions in the parks. In all honesty, this is my absolute favorite time for a first Disney vacation, because it's the most magical time, and the experience is just, well, magical. ** The sense of wonder and love of princesses makes the pre-k age the optimal "Sweet Spot" for a Disney vacation 

Sweet Spot #3: The Adrenaline Age

 Once they're old enough to be able to cognitively process that princesses are "pretend play," children's interests begin to expand. They want to try new, big things, and this usually includes things that get their adrenaline going. The rides with height requirements, such as Dinosaur (shown), Space Mountain, and Tower of Terror are seen as challenges that need to be met. The transition from the Wonder Years into the Adrenaline years is a bit sad, (where did my baby go?!), but there are bright sides. First, you don't have to spend a lot of time in line to meet characters, and second, you can enjoy the rides with your children, without using rider swap! Disney is magical at every age While the above sweet spots are a great guideline, I have planned Disney vacations for older teens and even adults who have never been, and the magic is still very real. The important thing is, no matter in which Sweet Spot you decide to visit, you are sure to discover magic, and make memories that last a lifetime! 

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